Why Believe

Celebrating all that is great about Gloucester… 


Believe in Gloucester aims to create a sense of community belief in the city by:
  • Raising awareness of Gloucester’s strengths
  • Engaging the wider community in actively promoting the city
  • Building investment confidence for regeneration and tourism opportunities in the city.


12 Reasons to Believe in Gloucester

Gloucester is well known for its history and heritage…. but there is so much more to the city. Listed below are 12 key reasons why we should all be proud of our city! Why not have a read,  you may even learn something new.


1. Community – the heart of the campaign
  • The people of Gloucester are friendly, welcoming and passionate
  • A diverse and multicultural city with over 40 languages spoken


2. History
  • A rich heritage with 2000 years of history and over 500 listed buildings
  • Changing the course of the Civil War and therefore England’s history during the Siege of Gloucester
  • The UK’s most inland port
  • The city holds strong royal connections, including William I, Henry III, Edward II and Bishop Hooper
  • The birthplace of Robert Raikes, founder of the Sunday School Movement John Stafford Smith, who composed the American National Anthem and Jemmy Wood
  • One of the most haunted cities in the UK


3. Education
  • The new FE college is one of the largest in the South West
  • The city holds one of  the UK’s greenest Universities
  • High quality schools throughout the city


4. Sport
  • Fantastic sport associations including a Premiership Rugby team, Gloucester City AFC and Gloucestershire County Cricket team, all with loyal supporters


5. Architecture
  • Gloucester Cathedral is one of the finest examples of Perpendicular Gothic architecture in the country
  • Blackfriars Priory is the finest Dominican Priory in England


6. Manufacturing
  • A centre of manufacturing excellence including aviation, technical and engineering developments
  • Home to the production of various jet fighters used in WWII, including the first British jet aircraft the E.28/39 and the Gloster Gladiator


7. Festivals and Events
  • A varied programme of festivals and events throughout the year, including the award winning Tall Ships Festival, Summer and Christmas celebrations


8. IT
  • The second most IT literate place after Cambridge
  • Home to Fasthosts, an award winning ISP provider and recently named as Microsoft’s Global Hosting solutions partner of the year


9. Food and Drink
  • Well known for numerous food and drink specialities, including Double Gloucester Cheese and Gloucester Old Spot sausages
  • Home to a wide range of ethnic origin foods


10. Retail
  • The development of Gloucester Quays, one of the largest mixed use waterside developments, along with various bustling markets and a growing independent retail sector
  • The potential for new retail outlets as part of Kings Quarter development


11. Environment
  • The gateway to the Cotswolds and Forest of Dean
  • Several local parks in the heart of the city, including Alney Island and Castlemeads
  • A  fascinating waterfront and a prime location to watch the Severn Bore


12. Investment
  • Over 500 million invested into the city since 2005 in support of the city’s regeneration programme with another £200 million in the pipeline


Gloucester is built on historic foundations but is looking to the future in style.