Gloucester butchers take 1st and 2nd prize in county sausage awards

Darren Payne from The Farmhouse Deli

Darren Payne from The Farmhouse Deli believes in Gloucester and proudly shows off his award

Following a public vote in This is Gloucestershire not one, but two Gloucester butchers top the poll in a closely-fought battle to find Gloucestershire’s best sausage. The Farmhouse Deli (Northgate Street and Eastgate Indoor Market) beat off fierce competition from Nick Brown’s of Longlevens (with only 2% separating the votes), and Tewkesbury’s Halford Traditional Butchers coming in a close third. More than 6,000 votes were cast.

In a county that’s home to the highly-prized Gloucestershire Old Spot pig, it is extremely important that this local speciality is celebrated and recognised by local people and the community. In fact, the Farmhouse Deli’s The Spot sausage also manages to combine another of the city’s famed ingredients, Double Gloucester cheese.

What makes the Old Spot the king of pork?

The Gloucestershire Old Spot pig has seen a resurgence thanks to its preference by Michelin- starred restaurants and celebrity chefs. It is know as the orchard pig as it grazes on windfallen apples and pears as well as the by-products of local dairy farms. Its popularity with chefs and foodies stems from the flesh having a rich marbling of fat which keeps it basted as it cooks (like a procine equivalent of the much sought after Wagyu beef steak). If you think the sausages taste good,  try the Old Spot bacon – the difference in taste to regular bacon is staggering!

Did you know?

The Old Spot was the first pedigree pig and has since been awarded Traditional Speciality Guaranteed status by the EU. Supermarket giant Waitrose got into trouble in 2008 when they were accused of ambiguous labelling of their ‘Old Spot-sired’ pork (which makes them only 5% Old Spot).


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